Fisherman stories are always hard to believe and if you’re now expecting to hear about “the one that got away” I must disappoint you. This one didn’t get away. In fact, the nets seemed pretty heavy when it was lifted on board, only to discover a rusted motorcycle instead of a record catch.

The amazing experience was lived by a group of four fishermen off Mandapam Coast in the early hours of the morning. Apparently, they set out to sea yesterday morning on a mechanized boat, but never in their lives expected to find a bike caught in their nets.

Not knowing what to do with the damn thing, the group head back to the coast in order to hand the capture over to the Custom officials. This is how the story reached the ears of the local press who also received a plausible scenario for the bike being there.

Because the number plates were too rusted to identify it, officials suspect that the motorcycle had fallen into the sea at the beginning of the summer while being smuggled to Sri Lanka. There, the Tamil rebels are the more likely recipients so the find raises a few question marks on how well state security agencies do their job.

Who knows, maybe in the future, motorcycles which are known to be exported to areas where they can follow the same trajectory in life, will be fitted with secret floating devices which will help at being recovered faster. Yeah, like somebody would want to help the rebels…but it would be interesting to hear somebody comes up with such an idea. Or am I the only one afraid of the water, but with a strong passion for motorcycles?

Source: news.webindia123

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