The Wireless Impact Guardian helmet was invented by Brycen Spencer, engineering student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The ingenious student had the great idea that a helmet should not only offer the needed protection in case of an impact, but make sure that the rider is ok and if not, call 911 for him and announce rescuers about the accident and the location.

Simple idea, great results: Once the helmet detects a hit, a device attached to it starts beeping for approximately one minute. If the rider doesn’t stop the beep, a built-in communication device calls to the 911 service and with the help of an integrated GPS system the rescuers will be informed about the accident’s location.

It seems that riding has now a brighter and safer face. Let’s just hope that we’ll be all wearing these things in a few years as safety is quite the issue when it comes to motorcycle in our days.

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