As you can see, this motorcycle police officer has found a new, interesting, unique, but extremely efficient method to stop those who break the law. It all consists in attracting the outlaws like a magnet rather than chasing them all over the highway.

I can imagine drivers waiting in line to beg for a biiig ticket. I’m not sure what they’re going to receive although I could make a few remarks regarding to what could there be in that spacious trunk that she rests her elbow on.


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  (158) posted on 10.27.2010

really? that’s a police officer? that was a bomb!

  (142) posted on 09.5.2010


  (824) posted on 06.22.2009

If this police woman officer patrols around my hometown I would break the law all the time so I can get Busted.smileysmiley

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