We are a special breed of people. We ride dangerous vehicles, often uncomfortable, we have our own culture, clothing, signs and language. Now we also have our own special products; Shtuff for Bikers! Shtuff for Bikers is a website that sells unusual stuff. Just the way we like it.

Motorcycle Stuff (Shtuff)
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Red Neck Repellent

What would you say to a bottle of Red Neck Repellent?

It doesn’t sound serious? Well it is. For $18.95 you get a spray bottle that you use to spray on the back of your neck so that it doesn’t burn when riding in the sun.

OK, so some would call it suntan lotion with a high SPF factor, but Red Neck Repellent sounds much more “biker”. Slapping on suntan lotion is so “normal”, so not cool!

Red Neck Reverter

Then there’s those cases that you forgot to take the Red Neck Repellent on your last ride through Death Valley, and ended up with a real red neck. Sore and very painful.

You could of course get a tube of Nivea moisturizing cream, but what would your buddies say to that. Pussy!!! You’ll be the laughing stock of the gang.

So how about a bottle of Red Neck Reverter? Sounds better doesn’t it. For $18.95 you get the same as Nivea, but it sure sounds better.

Freekin Amazin Crap

They also sell some Freekin Amazin Crap. Seriously, that’s what it’s called. $18.95 buys you a wonder lotion that’s good for sun/wind burn, insect repellent; skin freshener, dandruff and even works on heat rashes. That’s some freekin amazin crap. Better than some crap we’ve seen elsewhere.

Motorcycle Stuff (Shtuff)
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Ball Softener

You know the problem as a guy riding motorcycles. The saddle is hard, and saddle sores no only effect your bum but also other more intimate parts of your body. Well, if that’s the case, you’re in trouble, since this product doesn’t do a damn thing for sore balls.

Ball Softener
makes the inside balls of your feet soft. $18.95 gets you a jar with cream to rub on your feet. Apply regularly to soften to balls of your feet.

Biker Shtuff also sell some “sexy” stuff for bikers. Crotch Rocket, Buck Neked for Women, and Puss Eez for Men to name a few. We’re too bashful here to tell you want that is all about, so better go and check. You’ll not be sorry.

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