Everybody runs away from the 9 to 5 work schedule, but not everybody hits Jackpot like the founders of V-Twin Vineyards who a few years ago had the wonderful idea of starting their own business and produce fine wines which were especially addressed to motorcycles like themselves. It ended up being a big hit and now, after years of hard work, we can drink wines that are specially made for motorcyclists. Custom made wine?

The V-Twin Zin is the name of a wine that can be found in the offering and it is exactly what a motorcyclist would bring at a biker BBQ. A bottle costs $24.

But in order to satisfy everybody’s tastes both concerning wines and get together fun, the company also offers two other unique wines: the Bike Week Merlot (sold for $25) and the Poker Run Zin (costing $24).

Mission accomplished! Blending in passions with profit has never looked that good since the V-Twin was invented considering the fact that many did the mistakes of combining their passions in the same time. That never ends up good.

Source: V-Twin Vineyards

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