Motus Motorcycles’ dramatic ascent in the motorcycle industry continued when the Alabama-based manufacturer official received its certification from the California Environmental Agency’s Air Resources Board (CARB), officially making its lineup of bikes legal in all 50 states in the US.

The certification is a huge deal for Motus as it can now begin preparations to introduce the MST and MSTR bikes to a market that has waited long enough for the two bikes to arrive. Those who already know about Motus should be delighted about the prospects of seeing its bikes in dealerships in the near future. Those who aren’t too familiar with the company will get acquainted with it really quickly, thanks in large part to Motus’ distinction of owning to land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats for American production motorcycles, records it set with the KMV4 liquid-cooled V4 engine, considered as the “first gasoline direct injected engine” in the business.

Either way, Motus has already hit the ground running after receiving its CARB certification. It’s already unveiled its demo ride schedule throughout the country, beginning on May 8 and 9, 2015 at Battley Cycles in Gaithersburg, Maryland up until June 26 and 27, 2015 at Rocket Moto in Nashua, New Hampshire.

It’s the dawn of a new day for the US motorcycle industry as Motus Motorcycles officially embarks on its mission to become a major player in the business. With its credentials and long list of accomplishments in the world record scene, it’s not a question of whether the company will succeed in the US as much as it is how long it’ll take them to do it.

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Why it matters

This is fantastic news all around, not just for Motus Motorcycles, but for the US motorcycle industry.

I’ve always been a big fan of Motus Motorcycles and its dare-to-dream attitude that was on full display at the 2014 Bonneville Speed Trials event last October 2014 when the company set two records in the 1650cc P-PP (165.81 mph) and (168.69 mph) 1650cc P-PG classes.

Now, Motus founders Lee Conn and Brian Case have more than just world records to brag to their friends. The two men who started Motus Motorcycles can now proudly say that they’re start-up has received that all-too important CARB certification that clears the way for the company to now sell its bikes in the US.

I can’t tell what’s going on in their heads, but I can assume that both Conn and Case built the company with the end of objective of making money out of it.

Setting world records is important to gain recognition, but it doesn’t pay the bills.
The newly acquired CARB certification will go a long way in doing that.

Hopefully, Motus Motorcycles plays its cards rights and not fall victim to the some problems that have plagued some of its predecessors - sorry EBR, just had to say it.

I’m excited to see what Motus can do with its MST and MSTR bikes, as well as future models it has under the development.

Source: UM

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