• Move Aside Bikini Inspector Gig, I’ve Found A New Dream Job

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Once in a while, a job comes along that sounds really good on paper. We’ve all heard about the quality-assurance folks at the beer breweries and all-expense-paid lighthouse minders, but Lifted Health & Wellness has truly put together two of my favorite things in life; riding motorcycles and helping people feel better through the miracle of natural pharmacology. New laws and the repeal of old ones are changing the delivery field as we know it.

Continue reading for a look at my new dream job.

Ding Dong, Your Prescription Is Here

Move Aside Bikini Inspector Gig, I've Found A New Dream Job
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No matter where you fall on medical marijuana, the fact is it’s gone mainstream (take THAT drug-war losers!) and the heavy domino that is The Golden State has finally fallen to both medical and recreational weed patients/enthusiasts. Seriously, I felt like looking for the hidden cameras as I read the job posting in the sfbay.craigslist.org site:

"Do you enjoy medical cannabis? Do you love riding motorcycles? Are you interested in joining a cutting-edge team in the blossoming medical cannabis industry? If so, this might be the perfect job for you.

Lifted Health & Wellness is a medical cannabis motorcycle delivery collective that has been serving San Francisco since 2010, and we’re currently on the hunt for more outstanding motorcycle couriers.

In order to qualify for the position, you must have at least two years solid riding experience. We ride rain or shine, and keep a tight schedule, so the ability to efficiently make your way around the city while staying safe is of paramount importance. A detailed knowledge of the city streets is a big plus but not required. If you’re not a cannabis expert, no worries, a desire to learn will do. Above all else, you must be a strong and experienced motorcyclist.

We’re also looking for someone who is a good fit for our small and close-knit family. We’ve assembled a roster of fun and funky folks that value respect, open communication, team play and a strong spirit of adventure. We’re looking for an individual who works well in both team and individual settings, a trustworthy soul who enjoys a good adventure from time to time.

The position starts at $15 per hour plus tips, free samples and a very generous discount on purchases, among other perks and bennies. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn everything you ever wanted to about medical cannabis — all aspects of production from seed to sale, the ins and outs of the burgeoning California industry, cannabis culture, new tools and trends. Anything and everything. There’s no better place to learn than from ground zero. We encourage couriers to ride their own motorcycles for a generous mileage reimbursement, but we’ve also got a small fleet of motorcycles available to ride for deliveries as well.

If this all sounds like it might be up your alley, please shoot us a quick introduction/cover letter and a resume. If we like what we see we’ll contact you within 7 days for an interview. Thanks and happy hunting!"

Sounds sweet, right? Now if I can just get me a “green card,” ’because I think my third eye has glaucoma or something...

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