Driven by continued growth and stronger-than-expected-economic growth, MV Agusta is preparing to launch three new 1,000 cc motorcycles in 2016. Company CEO Giovanni Castiglioni made the announcement during the "Gli Amici di Claudio" motorcycle rally, hinting at a dawn of a new age for the Italian motorcycle company.

No specific details were given about the new machines, but they are expected to generate a lot of excitement in the sports bike segment, specifically in the manner by which MV Agusta has rebounded from its own financial difficulties to come out with renewed vigor and desire to once again stake its claim in the market.

What we do know is that these new models will be completely redesigned from the ground up. That means that they’ll most likely be all-new machines that we haven’t seen before, which is all you need to know about why Castiglioni’s announcement is generating all sorts of excitement from all pockets of the sports bike market.

It’s been a while since we last saw an all-new sports bike from MV Agusta. The company has traditionally been at the forefront of design and technology for this segment so you can imagine how these machines will be received if the Italian motorcycle firm lives up to our expectations of these new bikes.

The announcement of these bikes also puts a cloud on the future of the F4 and its naked cousin, the Brutale. Both machines have carried the sports bike flag for MV Agusta for quite some time now and with the company enjoying levels of success it hasn’t had in recent years, a successor to the F4 and by extension, the Brutale, could be what Castiglioni was referring to when he talked about the company’s plans to launch three new sports bikes next year.

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Why it matters

Anytime an announcement of this magnitude is made, you can be sure that there’s going to be a lot of speculation on what MV Agusta’s plans are for these three new liter-class motorcycles. I laid out what I think is the most obvious scenario involving the launch of new sports bikes that would take the mantle from the F4 and the naked Brutale as MV Agusta’s premium offering in the segment.

That’s not to say that I know what MV Agusta is planning to do; I just think it makes sense to take its sports bike lineup to a whole new level to take advantage of the growing consumer interest in the brand. Should this be the case, I fully expect these bikes to follow the same mechanical format of bikes belonging in the 1,000cc segment. A fuel-injected four-cylinder engine is a likely candidate to power these bikes with output numbers hovering around the 200-horsepower region. That’s not a bad start. These bikes are also likely, maybe even expected, to feature a comprehensive electronics package, featuring traction control, ABS, electronic suspensions, and quite possibly, racing configurations. We’d love to see that, wouldn’t we?

Over on the design front, it’s a little more complicated to figure out what these bikes are going to look like because, well, that’s up to the designers MV Agusta taps to create the look of their new 1,000-cc machines. The company would’ve probably loved to have Massimo Tamburini at the helm of this project, but the designer’s passing in 2014, it’s opened up the opportunity for other designers to come in and somewhat take his place, or at the very least, contribute in evolving the design of the F4 and the Brutale.

Whatever the case may be, it’s an exciting time for MV Agusta these days. Hopefully, this announcement has some serious legs to it and the company sticks to its planned timetable.

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