• National Geographic Channel presented an inside look at one of Harley-Davidson’s manufacturing facilities

    Harley V-Rods approach the end of the assembly process
  • Sparks fly as a welder works on a V-Rod frame

On Sunday, January 28, the National Geographic Channel presented three back-to-back episodes of "Ultimate Factories" that featured the mega-manufacturing facilities of Harley-Davidson, Budweiser and Peterbilt. "Ultimate Factories" takes you inside the greatest one-of-a-kind factories in the world to gain an insider’s perspective on what it takes to produce legendary products. The one-hour episodes highlighted the history of these American icons and their unrivaled cultural status.

Started at 8 p.m. ET/PT, "Ultimate Factories" went behind the scenes of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle manufacturing facility in Kansas City, Mo., to witness the design and production of the V-Rod, the only Harley-Davidson motorcycle and powertrain to be completely manufactured at one facility.

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