New Looks, New Tech, New Upscale Outlaw Attitude

Indian Motorcycle announces the new 2019 Chieftain family with a host of new features for the Chieftain, Chieftain Classic, Chieftain Limited, and the Chieftain Dark Horse in both appearance and electronics.

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2019 Chieftain Restyling

The 2019 models all show the results of some lovin' from the factory with restyling that reflects the Chieftain's aggressive performance abilities.

The 2019 models all show the results of some lovin’ from the factory with restyling that reflects the Chieftain’s aggressive performance abilities. Among the new features are the new Rogue gunfighter seat giving the Chieftain a touch of sleekness, and the enhanced 100W premium audio system that lets you share your tunes with everyone, whether they like it or not.

2019 Chieftain Electronics

New 2019 Chieftain Lineup From Indian Motorcycle
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New electronic wizardry includes Ride Modes, LED lighting, and Rear Cylinder Deactivation for the 2019 Chieftains.

Inside we find new tech in the form of full LED lighting and new riding-enhancing technology including Ride Modes that introduce three distinct throttle maps for three distinct ride personalities. For increased rider comfort at a stop or slow-moving in traffic, all Thunder Stroke 111 models now have Rear Cylinder Deactivation that, under specific conditions, deactivates the rear engine cylinder to reduce the amount of heat that washes up over the rider. If you’ve ever been stuck in a situation where you can’t filter, you’ll appreciate this.

As we continue to evolve the Indian Motorcycle brand, we want to expand our lineup with more aggressive style options, while still maintaining the availability of our more classic style options,” said Reid Wilson, Senior Director for Indian Motorcycle. “What’s most important to us is developing motorcycles that meet a wide variety of customer style preferences, and Chieftain’s new look does just that.”

2019 Chieftain Prices

New 2019 Chieftain Lineup From Indian Motorcycle
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MSRP ranges from $22k to $26k.

MSRP on the new lineup falls out as follows: Chieftain: $21,999, Chieftain Classic: $24,999, Chieftain Dark Horse: $25,999, Chieftain Limited: $25,999

We’ll be looking at each new model in the upcoming days, and this is sure to be an exciting adventure.

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