• New Corbin saddle available for the Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200

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The Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 has just received a set of special seats signed by Corbin. The new Corbin Canyon Dual Sport Saddle promises enhanced comfort and versatility. It features a special design that offers an increased area of body contact and minimizes the sensitive pressure points to keep your position as relaxed as possible. Moreover, Corbin’s seat also comes with a convenient lower back support for the passenger and is covered in natural leather.

The saddle is made of Corbin’s exclusive Comfort Cell foam that in time, provides a personalized fit for your body.

Needless to say that the seat can be installed in a matter of minutes, as it was designed as a direct replacement.

The Corbin Canyon Dual Sport Saddle is available in two versions namely the standard model and the headed model. The first can be yours for no less than $493, while the latter comes with a price tag of $637.

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New Corbin saddle available for the Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 Exterior
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Comfort and style together in one package is what made the Corbin name famous worldwide. Delivering a quality product constructed of the finest materials available has made Corbin the number one manufacturer of motorcycle saddles for over four decades! The Stelvio Canyon Dual Sport saddle is a perfect example of this combination of form and function.

Designed to maximize comfort and usability while providing a custom look and longer riding range. Corbin saddles are shaped to provide contoured support that lasts all day and will become your favorite accessory the first ride out. On this model we’ve positioned the rider in the sweet spot which greatly improves the ergonomics and feeling of control.

This seat provides platforms that offer an increased area of body contact to give excellent weight dispersion and eliminate hot spots. Neutralized to curb the tendency to slide in the saddle which will greatly reduce fatigue. The shaping of the Corbin saddle relieves centralized pressure and supports from the sides instead. We build the saddle up with our exclusive Comfort Cell foam for a firm, supportive ride that lasts. Comfort Cell will support you for years and will provide a personalized fit after break in (approx 1,500 miles).

Another benefit of neutralized seating is that it creates a nice back support area for the rider. Notice how the step in the saddle gives both platforms a level posture and also creates 5.5 inches of lower back support for the rider. Even with the improved shaping, the Corbin Canyon Dual Sport saddle still provides a clean, flowing line on the bike.

Accepts an optional removable backrest in both the rider and passenger seating areas to add more comfort and security. Corbin’s backrest models install with a single screw and adjust easily to riding posture. We have several models of backrest available to suit your taste and the amount of support needed. Our Ovalbac model #02-SB (shown) also has backing plate options for a custom look. Due to limited seating space in the passenger area, this seat works best with a single backrest transferred front to rear as needed instead of two backrests full time.

Canyon Dual Sport is available with optional electric heated seating panels for a luxurious touch on those chilly am rides. Heater units are completely self contained inside the Corbin saddle. Installation is simple and we include a pigtail that integrates with the Moto-Guzzi fusebox. Complete installation instructions included.

Covered using genuine leather for a perch that breathes with your body. Our quality leather will break in along with the Comfort Cell foam for a luxurious ride. Just make sure you care for your saddle with a quality conditioner like Corbin’s Saddle Cream. For this model we’ve used black natural grain leather in the seating with Asphalt vinyl sides for contrast.

As an added value, Corbin’s Ovalbac backrest models have a custom finishing plate option included at no extra charge. We have a standard leather-look plate (shown), a Carbon-Fiber look or you can even get a finishing plate that is paintable if you want to have it matched to your bike by your favorite paint artist. If you’re looking to add a little storage to your bike, we also offer a Glovebox option for the rear of your backrest that adds 4 liters of locking storage for your travel essentials. Perfect for spare gloves, water bottles and cell phones. See the Accessories tab for complete info.

Saddle installs like stock and integrates with the Moto-Guzzi key lock. Installation brackets are included with the Corbin saddle.

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