Nitro Circus Best Stunts Ever!

What are these guys on?

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Short compilation of some of the maddest stunts you’ll ever see performed on two, four, six or eight wheels, on bikes, in cars, on water, off buildings, hell, almost anywhere and on or in anything.

Nitro Circus Best Stunts Ever

You do have to wonder what Travis Pastrana and the guys and girls at Nitro Circus take every morning when they wake up. Actually, come to think of it, there are very few girls performing stunts here: maybe there’s a clue right there as to the mental ages of some of these stunt people.

Nitro Circus Best Stunts Ever!
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Nitro Circus At Play
Who doesn’t find this exhilarating?

After our last post about the triple back flip on an MX bike, I started looking at more NC videos and some of the stunts are unbelievable, even if they are a bunch of guys goofing around with anything that moves!

Nitro Circus Best Stunts Ever!
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Just a Bunch of Guys Goofing Around

What constitutes a good stunt? It has to be the element of danger which, in turn, leads to a reaction of ’holy s**t’ when you watch them. No doubt all of them are the result of months of preparation and the ability of all the participants to take out their brains when the time comes!

Nitro Circus Best Stunts Ever!
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But They’re All Highly Trained

Another factor is saying, ’there is no way I would ever do something like that!’ Nor even comprehending how you would start to practice for some of the stunts.

Nitro Circus Best Stunts Ever!
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You Know You Always Wondered Part 1

The other thing, of course, is the fact that you know you always wondered what would happen when you try to jump a school bus or a big rig tractor unit, didn’t you? Now you won’t have to die wondering!

Nitro Circus Best Stunts Ever!
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You Know You Always Wondered Part 2

Be warned, there are some pretty bad wipe-outs in this selection, which must have resulted in broken bones. They sure ain’t pretty to watch but it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Nitro Circus Best Stunts Ever!
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You Know You Always Wondered Part 3
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