• No-Limit-Custom "No Limit"

    No-Limit-Custom "No Limit"
  • No-Limit-Custom "No Limit"

If a V-Rod has earned the name "Dragsterstyle", then this is the one.

The mighty 13.5 x 18 inches of rim (design Z 06 of NLC) with the 360th "slipper", the 3D Pully of the same design and inside-ventilated 8 piston brake assemblies of BigB, lend to this V-Rod the name ULTRABRUTAL!!


Builder: No-Limit-Custom
Owner: No-Limit-Custom
Country: Germany
Bike Name: No-Limit
Model: V-Rod
Swingarm: NLC-Billet
Wheels - Front: 6,0 x 17
Wheels - Rear: 13,5 x 18
Tires - Front: 170
Tires - Rear: 360
Brakes - Front: NLC 8 pistons
Brakes - Rear: Drive side NLC 8 Pistons
Painter: Pfeil-Design

Source: www.no-limit-custom.com

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