The Norwegian Indian Motorcycle Club is giving owners of Indian Motorcycles a chance to experience a ride of a lifetime this summer around Norway. The seven-day, 2,250-mile ride all over the Scandinavian country is being organized by Kjell Ingebretsen, Oddbjorn Fjelde, and Petter Kristoffersen, three members of the exclusive club.

If the whole idea sounds fun, that’s because it looks like it’s going to be a ball and a half. The three organizers are looking to parlay the event’s exclusivity with the beautiful Norwegian weather in June, creating a riding atmosphere that has the potential to be as exciting and as memorable as it’s being hyped up to be. According to the organizers, the trip will begin in the city of Lyngdal before proceeding to numerous stops around the country, including Skien, Oslo, Verdal, Molde, Geiranger, Bergen, and back in Lyngdal for the trip’s conclusion. The week-long road trip will also pass through some of Norway’s most scenic roads, including the world famous Atlantic Roads that lead to Molde and the steep Route 666 mountain road on Trollstigen.

In addition to the actual road trip, the organizers have also prepared numerous activities to keep the event from becoming too monotonous. Dealer-hosted parties have been scheduled for each stage of the week-long ride, as do boat trips and cultural activities. These events should keep participants on their toes in what looks to be a fun, if not gruelling, cross-country ride.

If you’re looking to be part of the ride, you can register on Indian Motorcycle’s Norwegian website. You’re going to have to pay $54 for the participation fee and on top of that, other expenses like gas, food, and accommodations are also on your shoulders. Should you get past the admittedly high costs of being part of the ride, you can find yourselves in the middle of a summer experience unlike any other.

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Why it matters

This ride sounds like a lot of fun, although the logistics of it is going to be a little tough, especially if you’re coming from a country that’s a long away from Norway. Add that with the added expenses of food, fuel, and accommodations, not to mention round-trip travel costs for you and your bike.

I know a lot of people who have ridden around the US in their Indian bikes and from their accounts, I can attest that these rides are more than just about enjoying the breathtaking scenery. These events also brings together owners of Indian Motorcycles, giving riders a chance to interact with people who share the same passion as they do.

The costs that come with participating in the event might be steep for some people, but you can’t put a price tag of enjoying this trip with other people you may not have known under different circumstances. But the love for Indian Motorcycles is a strong bond for owners and an event like this can strengthen that bond with riders making new friends for life.

So that’s where I stand. I think it’s an expensive proposition, but if money and time are not an issues, this seven-day, 2,250-mile trip around Norway sounds like an adventure of a lifetime, the kind that you can cross off of your personal bucket lists.

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