Remember our post from yesterday about the “KTM Concept Motorbike”? Well, we’ve come across yet another concept bike that starts pretty much from the same requirements and ends up fairly similar to what British designer Matt Williams created if you look at the big picture here. Forget about KTM’s flawless bodywork, sharp nose and tail, this thing looks like the cruiser of the future and everything is there for you to see, especially the V-Twin engine and the front swingarm.

The cruiser-like riding position is also there and given the low center of gravity and powerful engine, we reckon the ride should be essentially similar if these kinds of concepts ever find their way to the production line. Still, we like them.

Not plausible concept bike cries for KTM notoriety
- image 321333
Radical Concept Bike

Not plausible concept bike cries for KTM notoriety
- image 321332
Radical Concept Bike

Source: deviantart

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Rod  (825) posted on 09.22.2009

I like it and I dislike it.

Rod  (89) posted on 09.19.2009

It definately draws the eye. Just can’t decide if its good or bad.

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