There’s a reason why motorcycles have sidestands, but it looks like the rider of this one neglects that aspect. This is definitely NOT the way to park your motorcycle unless you’re a butcher, of course.

Obviously, this is the result of good photoshop skills combined with too much free time, but the idea to line up a red bike next to several cow corpses is just sinister.


Source: somethinodd

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  (780) posted on 03.28.2010

Actually, it is pretty obvious that has been photoshopped, anyhow, I don’t really see the message of this picture. What is it trying to say? To park the bikes properly? Mmmm, well, come to think of it, there are places where people don’t park properly, but its not only bikes but cars as well. I guess we can photoshop some cars and hang it with cows as well.

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