When you are part of the Non-Object team and think about doing something out of the ordinary, the first thing that comes in your mind is to brake the rules or more to forget completely about any rule whatsoever. In this case, obviously, we are talking about design features which take the Nucleus concept bike back in the Stone Age.

Even though a truck would perform better than it in the air tunnel, this block of concrete is powered by an electric engine and is equipped with a hydraulic system lowering the body at idle and raising it when the bike is in motion.

Usually, when we write about motorcycle concepts we express our desire to see the thing actually being produced even in limited numbers, but in this case it would be curios to see a company go for it.

Nucleus: A Truck of a Bike!
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Nucleus Concept Bike

Nucleus: A Truck of a Bike!
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Nucleus Concept Bike
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