No, this not about a Ducati motorcycle but i figured that you’d be interested in some new cool gadgets and especially motorcycle related ones. These said, here it is a real fast Ducati :)

You are probably interested in some specs, like the top speed? First of all let me tell that this Ducati is quick enough, the "top speed" is about 20MBps read/ write speeds :D

Yes folks, it’s a flash drive. But a Ducati one. SanDisk teamed up with high-end Ducati motorcycles to pimp the raw speed of its latest flash memory drives and cards. This baby’s price is around $124.99 and i like to think it’s looking like the gas tank of a Ducati motorcycle. The Ducati flash drive has a 4GB capacity and include a lanyard so you can look like a tool wearing a flash drive around your neck as if it were jewelry.

Despite Ducati’s high price tags, I think that anyone can afford to buy one of these Ducati flash drive. And this is a good thing, right?

One EXTREMEly fast Ducati
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