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Vintage Vespa on the Auction Block

Sit up and pay attention, folks. We have some news from the Catawiki auction site. It seems that the world’s oldest Vespa is up for grabs. Owner Ruote-Da-Sogno has its 1946 “Serie 0” Vespa on the block. Not only is this the oldest, working-condition Vespa in the world, but it comes from a 60-unit, pre-production run so it started out as a rare bird to begin with. The age just makes it even more valuable as evidenced by the almost $175,000 bidding price at the time of this writing. Estimates by the auctioneer place the anticipated sale price at something between $268,000 and $348,000, and we still have a few days left — expect those bids to creep up significantly before this is done. This here is the real deal folks. Hand-beaten body panels work with the hand-soldered frame for an authenticity and craftsmanship you just can’t find nowadays. This awesome opportunity to own a rare, old Vespa is timely as it corresponds with Piaggio’s 130th anniversary.

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Piaggio News O' Plenty
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Most businesses fail within the first two years due to under-capitalization, but the reasons for success are usually less clear cut to say the least. Piaggio went about the business of doing just that with the release of FuturPiaggio by Jeffrey Schnapp. This hard-cover opus covers the trials and tribulations of the supercentenarian scooter builder from its inception in the late 1800s, through two world wars and into the 21st century. Since the company’s history is so closely intertwined with the rest of Europe’s, the book also serves as an economic history for the entire region. The company is no longer a single entity, but indeed an entire group that claims Ape, Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera, Moto Guzzi, Scarabeo and Vespa under its umbrella. Not only do we get the history, but the writer treats us to a glimpse into the foreseeable future with some of Piaggio’s upcoming projects to include their venture into the robotics sector. If you’re into the brand, or scooter history in general, this comes as a highly-recommended read.

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