• Picture of the day: We’re all kids, aren’t we? Let’s take Rossi’s example!

    Valentino Rossi funny
  • 2008 Valentino Rossi crashing on Sepang circuit

Valentino Rossi would easily find a good answer for the “You’re doing it wrong!!” part, but I suppose the best would be: “Yeah, why don’t you try winning the world championship for seven times? It worked for me!” Let’s not be mean! The photo is already too funny and it makes us realize that the skilled MotoGP rider does everything in style, even falling off its motorcycle in Malaysia during pre-season testing on the famous Sepang circuit.

Picture of the day: We're all kids, aren't we? Let's take Rossi's example!
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2008 Valentino Rossi crashing on Sepang circuit
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