Polaris Industries Inc. has announced its intention to sponsor the Single-Seat Class in the Grand National Cross Country Series (GNCC). This new class will use the existing UTV courses, and will allow single-seat models with up to 570 cc engines, as well as modified engines and suspension. The new class is a result of the Ace Editor’s Race held by the GNCC and Polaris at the Ironman, in Crawfordsville, Indiana last fall, and of the positive feedback generated by it. In keeping with its sponsorship role and to help bait the table, Polaris is offering discounts to qualified racers, as well as a $1,000 reimbursement check at the end of the season for the first 50 qualified racers. For complete rules visit: www.polarisfactoryracing.com.

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Why It Matters

This vehicle fills something of niche. It has the handling of an ATV, with the safety of a side-by-side via the roll-cage, and this combination provides a sense of confidence, especially for novice racers. The 570 cc Ace produces 45 horsepower, which is plenty to haul itself around the GNCC off-road courses, and this vehicle comes into its own in that terrain. I look at this as a gateway vehicle, to help newbies learn to race in a relatively safe environment. I love the incentive package offered to racers. It shows that Polaris is truly invested in the project and is willing to cut into the “holy bottom line” a bit to help make it succeed.

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