Polaris will reveal soon its newest creation – the fresh Slingshot. The all-new trike will be a canvas for the latest technologies designed by the company and to spice things up before the launch, Polaris has released a short vide teaser which gives us a glimpse at the new model.

Judging by the first shots, the new Slingshot looks quite impressive inspiring a lot of confidence and agility. Its aggressive lines seem to cope well with the trike’s sporty character and set it apart from its other rivals which opted for a less intimidating style.

We also like the pattern used to arrange the front and rear lights and the entire front fascia which makes us think about the cool nose of the Ferrari FXX. The interior is pretty basic, but we’re glad to notice that the trike will be fitted with a manual shifter.

In terms of technologies, the new Polaris Slingshot is rumored to be equipped with features such as traction and stability control, power steering and ABS, but for the moment, there is no official info that can confirm these assumptions.

Hit the jump for the video!

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