A 1951 Triumph Thunderbird was torched when the owner failed to pay ranson

Last week we spoke about these spoilt Bristol brats who torched a $14,000 worth 1951 Triumph Thunderbird just because the owner of the bike failed to pay a ransom amount. The entire motorcycle community was flabbergastered by this inhumane act and forced authorities to take action on those responsible.

Thankfully, the Avon and Somerset police have made a breakthrough in this case and have arrested more than half a dozen teenagers. Thanks to “Operation Buell”, a special force set up by the police to curtail the rampant motorcycle thefts happening in the UK and to keep an eye on social media activities where such thefts are being posted.

Police nab brazen Bristol brats responsible for torching the vintage Triumph Screenshots / Gameplay
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This vintage charmer was stolen from the owner’s garage in Clifton, and a ransom note was left stating the owner to pay up. When he failed to pay the amount, the group did a mockery of it by pushing the bike off its stands and lighting it on fire. The owner of the bike was tagged in the video with comments including: “Told u give me a grand but you didn’t listen rude boy. Uno the drill, don’t pay gets burnt”, and “He had the chance getting it back he never took it so unlucky.”

This led to a massive public outcry, and a huge pressure was felt on the police to curtail such horrific thefts. And in the early hours of Friday last week, police arrested four members following reports about ongoing bike theft. Police spotted the car they were traveling including the stolen bike along with a pair of bolt-cutters and motorbike gloves.

Police nab brazen Bristol brats responsible for torching the vintage Triumph Screenshots / Gameplay
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The group included a 15-year-old boy, two 16-year-old boys, and a 19-year-old man. Another arrest occurred the next day involving an 18-year old man on suspicion of theft. Several other arrests were made earlier including one on 9th February. These arrests cannot be directly connected to the Triumph motorcycle but nonetheless is a positive action against such brazen British thieves.

Two of them are being charged with multiple suits, and the police have been vocal about them to scare off potential bike thieves.

‘we are coming after you and we will catch you.’ is the message from Inspector Rob Cheeseman.

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