Suzuki happily looks towards the future as it has extended its agreement with Intelligent Energy and has plans for developing hydrogen fuel-cell motorcycles which with a little bit of luck will soon be entering production.

The closest thing found to such a product is the Suzuki Crosscage. This hydrogen fuel-cell powered concept delivers comparable power with a 125cc motorcycle in the same category, the only difference between it and its competitor being the fact that the emissions consist in pure water.

Potential fuel cell Suzuki motorcycle
- image 240501
2008 Suzuki Crosscage Concept

Let’s see what Phil Caldwell, director of business development at Intelligent Energy, has to say:

“This is an important next step for our collaboration with Suzuki as we move from a very successful concept toward a range of commercially viable fuel cell motorcycles,”

“We have developed an excellent relationship with Suzuki over the past two years and this agreement further strengthens our partnership.”

"Our fuel cells are efficient, robust, and emit zero carbon at the tailpipe”, said chief executive of Intelligent Energy, Henri Winand.

“Both Intelligent Energy and Suzuki are committed to the development of cleaner and more responsible vehicles for the consumer.”

“The Crosscage is an example of what can be achieved when invention meets ambition, and we’re looking forward to the next phase in the relationship.”

Let’s just hope that the next phase will be the starting of production.

Potential fuel cell Suzuki motorcycle
- image 240504
2008 Suzuki Crosscage Concept
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