The world of MotoGP doesn’t see a whole lot of involvement from watchmakers the world over, at least when you compare it to the luxurious world of Formula One. At this point, only Tissot and Lotus are the two timepiece companies that are associated with MotoGP. But now, a Florida-based company has thrown its name into the ring, joining forces with Ducati’s satellite team Pramac as a team sponsor.

The brand, called Lapizta is a neophyte in the watch-making business, having been in existence for only five years. But don’t misconstrue its age in the business as a bad thing because Lapizta is entering the world of MotoGP with guns blazing, having taken the onus of being the official timepiece of the Pramac racing team and its riders, Yonny Hernandez and Danilo Petrucci.

It still has a long way to go to reach the level of Lotus, which already inked two-time world champion Marc Marquez to a sponsorship deal, and Tissot, which has been a title sponsor for the Australian Grand Prix. That said, there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity for the new watchmaker to make a name for itself in MotoGP, considered by many as the premier bike racing series in the world.

Just being associated with the Ducati-powered team and the series as a whole offers Lapizta the kind of exposure it needs to market its existing line of timepiece models, beginning with the $295 Amur base model all the way up to the most expensive model in its catalog, the $695 Oryx watch.

Being involved with the Pramac Racing Team should give it the publicity it needs to further expand its business. That would be a great achievement considering that Lapizta only entered the market in 2010.

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Why it matters

If you’re a company that’s only five years old, has just six employees to your name, and is essentially run from your own backyard, capturing the attention of a racing series with a huge audience like MotoGP is a task far easier said than done. But Lapizta has somehow made it work, thanks to a combination of quality products and fortuitous timing.

Now that it’s got a deal with Pramac, Lapizta can capitalize on the public reach a team like Pramac and a series like MotoGP can provide. It’s incumbent upon Lapizta to make the most of its opportunity. After all, the company’s lineup of watches all owe their existence to ties with extreme sports, which is something you can associate MotoGP with it, at least to a certain extent.

The unique identity of each of the eight models Lapizta currently offers can be traced to the people running the show, including accomplished skydiver Naty Mizrachi, race car driver Daniel Schachtel, and Mizrachi’s brother-in-law, who himself is a trained master diver and Lapizta’s executive vice president.

The extreme sports roots run deep within this company and the collective identity of each of the people behind Lapizta is a testament to the passion of Lapizta and its goal of becoming a watch-of-choice among athletes competing in various extreme sports disciplines, including motor sports.

The partnership with Pramac and the subsequent exposure given by MotoGP should go a long way in giving Lapizta the platform it needs to become a prominent player in its industry.

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