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Radical Electric Motorcycle Completes Initial Testing

White Motorcycles WMC250EV features futuristic aerodynamics

The White Motorcycles WMC250EV is built around a striking aerodynamic tunnel running through the centre of the motorcycle, not only reducing drag, but providing positive downforce enabling effective two-wheel drive.

WMC250EV Tested Up To 170mph

Back in June, White Motorcycles stunned the motorcycling community when it revealed its WMC250EV model. The ’EV’ told us it was powered by electricity and the ’250’ referenced the targeted top speed of 250mph.

Radical Electric Motorcycle Completes Initial Testing
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Radical Aerodynamics
Large duct reduces drag and provides downforce over the front wheel

But that was the least of its surprises. The chassis was constructed around a large longitudinal tunnel that was not only structural but also massively aided aerodynamics. The aerodynamic duct slashed the bike’s frontal area and drag coefficient and a positive byproduct was reducing front-end lift, enabling two-wheel drive to be used effectively. Two electric motors in the front wheel and a rear wheel driven by another pair via chain would solve the problem of traction on the Bolivian salt flats where an attempt on the outright electric bike speed record is expected to take place in 2022.

Radical Electric Motorcycle Completes Initial Testing
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Aiming for 250mph
Recent - and initial - testing has seen 170mph with a third of the proposed power

Naturally, a long series of tests has been planned to evaluate the bike and the first has taken place at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in the UK.

Aiming for 250mph (the current record is held by ex-MotoGP rider Max Biaggi on board a Voxan Wattman at 228.05mph), the initial runs were to test the bike’s systems and see if real world performance correlated to the CFD predictions. Reaching speeds of 170mph, the team announced that everything was on track.

Currently, the bike is running a 60-volt powertrain - 100kW or equivalent to about 137bhp - and is two-and-a-half times less than the anticipated 250kW final powertrain needed to reach 250mph.

Radical Electric Motorcycle Completes Initial Testing
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Two Wheel Drive
The frontal downforce means that 2WD can be used effectively

Rob White, designer and rider of the WMC250EV, said: “I am delighted with the progress that we have made on the WMC250EV. We were encouraged by the great reception our initial launch at the end of June 21 received and the high level of interest that the project has subsequently gained.

"This is a completely bespoke motorcycle and for it to run straight out of the box is fantastic. We have a measured and controlled approach to our testing programme to ensure no stone is left unturned and given the results we have gained to date my confidence is building all the time that we will be successful.”

More news as it comes off the presses.

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