Not all companies like their employees to ride motorcycles to work, and that goes doubly so for car manufacturers who do not make motorcycles (I guess if you work for BMW cars it’s okay to arrive on a BMW motorcycle, ditto for Suzuki and Honda). Several companies have even been forbidding their employees from riding a motorcycle for business reasons (Johnson Controls UK springs to mind, but the list is growing).

French car manufacturer, Renault/Nissan, are not one of them. 8% of their 100,000 employees ride motorcycles and scooters to work, so they put together an intelligent initiative: free motorcycle training!

Since 2000, Renault trains its employees during the month of June at 12 of their sites in France. Participants, on a volunteer basis, get a refresher course on the theory of riding, followed by practical riding instructions.

The riding instructions are performed on their enormous parking areas at the car factories, so plenty of space to play around safely.

Now, isn’t that a good company to work for? It increases employee moral, reduce sick days (by reducing accidents), and makes Renault an interesting place to work. Know any other companies that do this? Let us know!

Renault: A motorcycle friendly car manufacturer
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Source: motojournal

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