• Return of the two-stroke? Perhaps!

    Yamaha RDLC 500 V4
  • Yamaha RDLC 500 V4 Classic

What if I would tell you that the Yamaha RDLC 500 V4, Suzuki RG 500 and the Honda NSR 400 have all plans of big comebacks? Your mind will immediately open the small locker in which are kept memories of the mythical and legendary two-stroke models, the smell of burned rubber and the never ending battles between riders participating in the 500cc class. Wayne Rainey, Kevin Schwantz and Mick Doohan surely knew how to earn their place in motorcycle racing history.

Even best is the fact that Yamaha tests our reactions with such a model as the RDLC 500 V4. Designed by Kar Lee, the bike is alive only on the drawing board, but who knows maybe the Kenny Roberts replica that you can see here will find its place again on the racing tracks. The second bike is an RD featuring Yamaha’s classical coloring, white and red.

Return of the two-stroke? Perhaps!
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Yamaha RDLC 500 V4 Classic
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