Those who were wondering what more could there be changed at Yamaha motocross bikes in order to improve performance are most likely to receive their answer with a single look at this spy picture of the 2010 Yamaha YZ450F reverse-cylinder.

This Powerpoint rendering shows how the new construction method allows the bottom end of the engine to move forward in the chassis, improving weight distribution and enhancing handling. This way, the exhaust pipe has a straight path towards the silencer and doesn’t need to be taken in consideration when doing the math for the front wheel clearance and also the inlet tract can be simply redesigned to go straight from the fuel injector to the combustion chamber. It even makes us wonder why Yamaha didn’t consider this possibility for the YZ450F so far.

Yamaha is supposed to unveil the completely new dirt bike within the next months and we reckon that it will blow away the competition.


Source: MCN

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  (824) posted on 06.23.2009

This is great I can’t wait for the new YZ450F dirt bike to come out.smileysmiley

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