Say you’re a little burned out from playing Gran Turismo 6 or Forza Horizon 2. Maybe you need a new racing game to get your juices flowing again. There’s no law against going the grain a little bit, right?

This is where RIDE comes into the picture. Created by Milestone, the same team of developers that brought us the MotoGP and SBK titles, the motorcycle racing video game has been announced for a worldwide release date on March 20, 2015.

That’s a two-month waiting time, which really isn’t a long time for video games like this. Besides, it should be enough time to get you excited about the myriad of features RIDE will have at its disposal. It’s got over 100 bikes from some of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world, ranging from superbness, supersports, naked bikes, and yes, even historical bikes, some of which we may have forgotten about already.

More importantly, it’s going to be available in numerous video game platforms, including the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, Windows PC, Steam, and even old systems like the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Milestone has yet to reveal the roads and tracks that will be featured in the game, but if their recent titles are any indication, we should have a whole library of courses to choose from.

So circle the date, fellas. RIDE drops in video game stores on March 20, 2015. Until then, I’ll keep a close for all of you on any updates the game will have from here on out.

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Why it matters

We’ve all played our fair share of car racing video games. I know I have, and I’ve got the blisters as honor badges to show for it. But I’ll be honest, I haven’t extensively played a motorcycle racing game since Tourist Trophy used up a whole lot of my time back in 2006.

Yep. That was on the PlayStation 2, which goes to show how long it’s been since I’ve been devoted to a motorcycle racing game. Heck, I’ve tried the MotoGP and SBX titles since then, but I didn’t get as hooked to it as I probably should’ve.

But RIDE seems promising, even if I’ve only seen a few photos and teaser videos of the game. At the very least, I think it’s going to be a good break from all the car racing games I’ve consumed last year.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Gran Turismo 6, Forza Horizon, and even Grand Theft Auto V. I’ve even developed a small level of affinity for Need for Speed titles and Drive Club. But like everything else, I’m willing to swap four wheels for two, just to see how the ride is.

RIDE should give me that opportunity and I’m pretty excited to see how the game turns out. Who knows, if I like it enough, I might keep my car racing games on the shelves for a while.

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