Everything coming from Germany is supposed to be top notch, but what happens when people get bored of the regular? The Satte Literschüssel happens!

Old time motorcycles have never looked this outrageous now that the strangest combination has reached our surprised eyes: A Duetz tractor engine mated to a Harley transmission and running gear while the fork looks like it was made by the Romans.

So if you suppose that the guy that built this will ride the thing, you’re right, but I won’t like to take a look at its lower back. Ouch! I barely want to imagine how the vibrations will affect the bike’s nuts and bolts, not the owners!

It does look unique though and if you place it in the right spots and make the pictures look a bit old, you could actually pass it as a veritable old timer.

Ride Your Tractor?
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Satte Literschüssel
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