I personally don’t ever remember anything extraordinary happening to me when I was delivering wedding invites for my wedding last year. But man, this guy Loon Singh from India now has one heck of a story to tell his future children.

On the day he was delivering invitations for his own wedding, Singh, who was riding a motorcycle at that time, was the unwitting witness of an MiG-27 fighter jet crashing into a field right in front of him. He got such an up-close look at the crash that a piece of the jet actually hit him as he was riding his bike.

Fortunately, Singh walked away from the surreal ordeal with only minor burns and a fractured hand, which means that while probably wasn’t able to send out those invitations, he’s good enough to still go on with the wedding.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we like to call an incredibly hair-raising close shave.
As far as the pilot of the MiG is concerned, the Indian Air Force has said that he was able to safely eject before the crash. I can’t, for the life of me, begin to imagine what it must feel like to witness something like that and then get hit by flying debris from the crash.

Good thing all parties concerned, except for the MiG, walked away from the crash with their limbs still intact.


Source: Daily Mail

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