American motorcycle rider Kenny Noyes has been placed in a medically induced coma after sustaining serious head injuries stemming from a crash that occurred over the weekend during the warm-up session for the CEV Superbike round at the Moorland Aragon circuit in Spain.

Notes was immediately airlifted out of the circuit immediately following the crash and was taken to a hospital in Zaragoza where he is reportedly in stable condition, coma notwithstanding. According to the initial report of the accident, Noyes’ accident came about after he collided with another rider on the track, sending him crashing into the tire wall where he reportedly lost consciousness. Doctors at the hospital discovered a blood clot in the head of the rider, prompting the decision to put him in a coma until the clot is re-absorbed by the body.

There’s still no definite timetable on how long Noyes will be kept in the coma, but barring any serious setbacks to his condition, it could happen as early as tomorrow.

On behalf of everyone here at Topspeed, my thoughts and prayers go out to Kenny Noyes. Hopefully, he makes a full recovery from this scary accident and is back to competing in the CEV Superbike in no time. It’ll probably take a lot longer than most of us hope but at the very least, I hope it’s sooner than later.

Prayers up to Kenny Noyes! Get well soon, sir!

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Why it matters

I don’t follow the CEV Superbike series as hard as I should so I’m not too familiar with the exploits of its riders, including Kenny Noyes.

But here’s what I do know: we’ve already lost far too many riders this year and I don’t want to add another name to that growing list. The death of Dane Westby back in March 2015 was one too many in my book.

Fortunately, the doctors who treated Noyes’ injuries don’t appear to be too concerned about the severity of those injuries. He may be in a medically induced coma, but from what I’ve gathered, the decision to put him there was more out of precaution than it was out of necessity.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that injuries to the head always comes with the highest form of caution. So unless he’s fully conscious again and shows no ill effects from the injuries he sustained from the accident, it’s hard to feel comfortable about his current predicament, no matter what kind of assurances we’re getting from his doctors.
I hope for the sake of his family that Kenny Noyes makes a full recovery. It would be a crying shame if the motorcycle racing scene loses another rider because of an accident.

We’ve had far too many of those already. We don’t need another one anytime soon.

Source: Bike Racing

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