The Motorcycle, Italian Style: Riding the Curves with MV Agusta, sponsored by Cliff’s Cycle Revolution, has opened at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center on Saturday, Sept. 8 and it will run through the Bendel Mansion Museum Galleries until Jan. 6, 2008.

This vintage motorcycle exhibition, from the Gary & Connie Kohs Collection, represents the MV Agusta brand history from the beginning of the second World War to nowadays, with more than 30 bikes, most from the Classic era (1945-1980).

During the World War II, the Agusta family saw the opportunity to create a new machine that would provide cheap and reliable transportation to a country damaged by war.

MV Agusta motorcycles had barely hit the market when one of them was driven into first place in a modest race. From 1956 to 1976 MV Agusta would win over 3000 international races, becoming the most successful brand in the history of the sport.

In recent years, some motorcycles have evolved into luxury objects and status symbols with their spectacular and individualistic esthetic qualities. They are meant to identify their riders as people of means and taste set apart from the crowd.

"It offers us a perfect opportunity to underscore the principle that art can be found not only in the traditional media, the kind that hangs in museums, but in these beautiful machines which are, themselves, art works."
, said Curator of Collections Rosa Portell.

In this show, isolated parts of the machines will be display on pedestals as objects of beauty.

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