Have you ever thought that perfection can be taken one step further? If you have and if you also love motorcycles, especially supersports, you must check out this upgrade proposed by Rizoma for the 2007 Yamaha R1.

The Rizoma proposal for the R1 is a mix of specially adapted pieces made out of aluminum like the footrest, for example which was especially mounted higher than stock in order to avoid contacts with asphalt during the use on circuit. The rear set control kit also features Rizoma rear brake lever.

Interesting is also the led signal light with teflon support in order to limit the vibrations.

The hand levers, clutch and front brake, give a very attractive look and together with the fairing guards and license plate support complete the proposed kit from Rizoma.

Visual changes are obvious but you should really have the opportunity to ride a bike featuring a Rizoma kit, as it improves the feel of the bike also. 

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