• Robbie Knievel following its father’s footsteps

    Evel Knievel and his son Robbie

It is being said that the chip doesn’t fly too far from the trunk and if Evil Knievel would have been alive he would have shared its great impressions with us about its son’s jump over twenty-one Hummer vehicles.

But it is better to individualize this daredevil and help him stand back from its father’s shadow and make a point for itself as a stuntman. Robbie Knievel has been doing jumps ever since it was nine years old so the public’s applause and amaze always attracted him.

Last Saturday night at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth the jump brought him face to face with twenty-five Hummers, but the number was reduced by four because of the powerful headwind that threatened with a risky landing on top of a giant SUV roof.

Even so, the landing was a little deflected, but the experienced daredevil didn’t gave the public the occasion to go “Auuu!”

Not only following its father’s footpegs, but trying to push even further the strains of history, Robbie Knievel beat recently a world record in Cincinnati, Ohio. That record was established by his father. Now that’s a son you must be proud of!

Source: futility.typepad

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