MTV’s Nitro Circus incursion in LA turned out to be quite an inspired move as former racer, now custom builder Roland Sands and his pal Andy Bell were prepared to amaze everyone there and viewers of the show home with some serious jumps over the LA river using their very own creations, meaning Big V twins.

The narrator in the video is ‘the one and only Pepper, aka Mayor of Skid Row aka Leader of the Homeless’. How does that even sound, anyway? See the video after the break.

Source: twowheelsblog

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  (780) posted on 03.30.2010

Well, I have to say that I really like the pogo stick stunt. Lol. The jump over the river was fun too, maybe he just did it with a little too much speed. Well, he did stick the jump and the land but not stopping the bike. It was awesome still though and good for him that he only walk away with bruise and cuts and no broken bones.

  (89) posted on 12.5.2009

Yes he does Jobie, but Pepper is only 15 year old, ( actually I can’t back that up with evidence, but that is the rumor.)

  (18) posted on 12.4.2009

What are you talking about, Pepper takes baths in that water....

  (89) posted on 12.4.2009

Brave men. If you fall in that water you would come out looking like Toxic Avenger.

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