The KRV5 Tracker is a creative collaboration between motorcycle designer Roland Sands and racing legend "King" Kenny Roberts. Roberts’ had the idea to utilize one of his KRV5 engines for something other than the MotoGP track. With knowledge of Sands’ racing pedigree and design style unifying form and function, Roberts’ felt Sands’ would know exactly what to do with a coveted KRV5 engine. The project plans were solidified with a handshake at the MotoGP paddocks of Laguna Seca in 2005. Sands promised to deliver the bike a year later.

Nine months would pass before the design plans were finalized. With only two months before the looming completion deadline, the first pieces of tubing were bent and welded. The two months were spent by the RSD team with their heads down fabricating and building at a furious pace. The bike’s unique makeup of RSD components, a one-off frame, and custom sheet metal; coupled with the Team Roberts V5 MotoGP engine have created a completely original 200 horsepower Boardtrack racer of the future.


  • Engine Make / Size - Team Kenny Roberts V5 MotoGP Spec/ 1000cc
  • Transmission Size / Type - Team Kenny Roberts V5 MotoGP
  • Frame Make / Type - RSD V5 Boardtracker
  • Front End - Black Anodized, Turned Down GSXR 1000
  • Rake - 24 Degrees
  • Wheels - Front: RSD Contrast Cut Judge Wheel 23" x 3.5”
  • Wheels - Rear: RSD Contrast Cut Judge Wheel 21" X 9”
  • Tires - Front: Avon
  • Tires - Rear: Metzler
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