• Ronin Motor Works brings the Japanese Ronins back on the streets

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In the latest years we have seen a lot of interesting motorcycle concepts, but not many of them were lucky enough to receive the approval to be built and sold as street bikes.
However, once in a while we have the occasion to see a really cool concept that manages to break the barriers imposed by “normality” and are unleashed on the street in their full glory.

One of these lucky concepts that managed to be evolve from a daring idea to a street legal production motorcycle is the Magpul Ronin.

The entire project was started by Ronin Motor Works in 2009 from a Buell 1125 roadster that was stripped down and rebuilt using the finest components available on the market.

The idea behind the project is based on the Japanese legend of the 47 ronins and the production will be limited to only 47 units. Each bike will have a unique number plate and each will receive the name of one of the 47 ronins featuring a unique paint scheme.

At the heart of the Magpul Ronin concept sits the same engine that powers the Buell 1125 and the concept also shares the same wheels and chassis with its donor.

This metallic samurai on two wheels features a pretty radical design inspired by the armors and blades of the legendary Japanese warriors. The entire front was redesigned as well as the shock which can now be adjusted according to the rider’s wishes. We especially like the fuel overflow cooler which is somehow integrated into the frame keeping the engine cool.

The exhaust is also new as well as the brakes, lights, carbon fiber fenders, instrument cluster and handlebar. Moreover, the battery box and the rearsets are a single cast aluminium unit and there is also a tubular trellis sub-frame made from CNC-machined and TIG-welded parts.

For the moment, we don’t have the official price, but don’t expect to be much cheaper than $40,000.

Hit the jump for the video and more photos.

Source: Autoevolution

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