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It’s hard not to admire the plucky Royal Enfield motorcycle company. Born in England before the dawn of the 20th century, the company has seen two World Wars and the end of British colonization in Asia. Charmingly, the factory still churns out the most authentic retro-bikes around with a handful of cafe’ racers that torn straight from a history book. In fact, that begs the question, is it still considered “retro” if it never evolved beyond the time period it is associated with? Wherever you land on that, there’s no doubt that Royal Enfield has managed to make a name for itself in the Asian market, and the company just expanded its efforts to carry its success to our side of the drink. R.E. North America has just announced a new location in Muskego, Wisconsin. The proximity to another existing dealership in nearby Milwaukee just illustrates the growing demand for these charming bikes— or maybe it’s a matter of convenience for the Indian Motorcycle of Metro Milwaukee folks who operate the two locations.

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What’s The Buzz?

Royal Enfield Expands U.S. Footprint – Again
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“It’s been a concentrated effort to expand Royal Enfield’s presence in North America,” said Rod Copes, President of Royal Enfield North America. “Partnerships with excellent dealer operators are an important part of our strategy to grow our footprint.”

In this case that excellent owner/operator is Rob Schopf of Metro, and all I can say is bless him for helping to bring genuine cafe’ style to the U.S. consumer. I’m sure hipsters all over Wisconsin are rejoicing. If you aren’t quite sure what I’m talking about, be sure to visit the R.E. site and take a gander at the delightfulness therein.

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