Royal Enfield, India’s British-flavored motorcycle manufacturer, is working on a brand-new engine to help expand its footprint onto the world stage. Designed in conjunction with the Leicestershire-based Royal Enfield Technology Center, this represents the first fruits of that expansion, and the first new engine to come out of RE in a minute. (More like a football minute than an actual minute, decades would be closer to the truth.)

The factory is keeping its cards close to the vest, and if not for some recent spyshots out of Spain we wouldn’t even know this much, but the new engine comes in a parallel-twin configuration, that much is clear. We reckon it will displace something on the order of 750 cubes, and though it aspirates through paired carburetors which is fine for the Indian market, we expect to eventually see a fuel-injected version, necessary to help expand RE’s not-inconsiderable foot print from India onto the world market.

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Coming Soon?

Royal Enfield Eyes Push Into World Market
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At this point the engine is still in development and testing, nestled away in a modified Continental GT frame that may or may not look anything like the eventual finished product, but I will keep my ear to the rail for any more rumblings from this quarter, and look forward to reporting on further progress from this bold new initiative.

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