Indian motorcycle company Royal Enfield has launched its official online store. The increasing popularity of online shopping in countries all over the world made the decision to open its own online retail store a slam dunk for Royal Enfield. It’s still in its launch phase, so expect a few kinks and bugs as you enter, but for the most part, the new online store should be up and running in full capacity in no time.

The concept of online shopping isn’t new in the US, although I’m not actually sure how prevalent it is in India. That said, Royal Enfield’s new online store is a great way for the company to extend its reach in the country and provide fans and riders a chance to deck themselves out with official company merchandise ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories, and riding gear.

Despite being in the launch phase, the online store can already accommodate purchases from customers located in 126 cities and towns spread all over the South Asian nation.

The usual modes of payment apply for the new online store, as is access through a wide variety of electronic devices ranging from smartphones to tablets and laptops.

It’s unclear when Royal Enfield will broaden the store’s reach as far as paying customers are concerned, but since it’s still technically a start-up enterprise, it’s probably prudent to exercise a little patience as far as our expectations for the site are concerned.

I do hope that the company begins offering its online merchandise to other countries, especially the US and Europe. That is, after all, good for business, right?

Why it matters

I haven’t seen a lot of Royal Enfield bikes in my part of the world, but I have heard some pretty cool things about the brand, specifically the much-talked about 500 cc Bullet model.

The launch of the online store is going to be a boon for Indian customers of the company as it gives them the convenience of scoring official Royal Enfield merchandise at the click of a button. That is, after all, the beauty of online shopping. You can go to a site, browse through the collections, pick out the ones you like, and then buy them on the spot.

I surfed through the site for a while and found some pretty interesting items. Kind of makes me wish that I could buy some of them myself.

Hopefully, Royal Enfield can make that happen in due time.

Press Release

Royal Enfield, the world’s fastest growing motorcycle manufacturer has launched an official online store that will retail its full range of gear. Customers and enthusiasts can now purchase apparel, accessories, riding gear and merchandise from at any time of the day from the comfort of their homes. In its launch phase now, the store will cater to purchases from customers located in 126 cities and towns in India only.

The e-store only accepts online financial transactions. Customers can make purchases using their debit cards, credit cards or through internet banking. Customers can also access the e-store website through different electronic devices like smart phones, laptops and tablets.

The online store will make Royal Enfield Gear more conveniently accessible to customers & brand enthusiasts. The e-store retails the recently launched gear collection inspired by the despatch riders of the World Wars that includes leather jackets, knits, t-shirts, trousers, boots and bags. In addition, the Continental GT gear collection and the rest of the Royal Enfield range including meticulously detailed, purpose built Royal Enfield riding gear is also available for purchase.

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