An all-terrain two-wheel drive motorcycle that can take you on land and water

Could you imagine your motorcycle coming apart only so that you could pack it neatly in a bag and shove it in some corner of your house or your car? The same can again be refitted to run on snow, water, sand, hills, stairs, muddy banks, narrow gorges,.. you know where I am getting with this.

The Russians have made one for themselves and it looks like a whole lot of fun. It’s called the Taurus 2×2.

Russian made AWD motorcycle that can be packed in your suitcase Exterior
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The Taurus 2×2 is a vehicle made particularly to thoroughfare the tough terrains of the vast country of Russia. It can literally and metaphorically overcome anything the land has to throw at it, heck even water for that matter. It can go places where a top of the line 4×4 vehicle cannot go and the best part of it, it weighs just 190 lbs. So one could even lift it off the ground and carry it to some other nook or corner.

All the designs seen here are patented, and you could also dismantle and assemble the entire motorcycle using just a few bolts, and all of this can be done within 5 minutes. Pack it up in a bag and transport it wherever you desire to use it next.

Russian made AWD motorcycle that can be packed in your suitcase Exterior
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Outfitted with a 210cc Honda GX-210 engine, this four-stroke motor powers both the front and the rear wheel that carry a 25/12-9 King Tyre each. These tires are interchangeable to allow either snow plowing tires or inflated ones to run on lakes and rivers. With a modest 7 hp and a top speed of 21 mph, it will not perform on the racetrack, but thanks to its lightweight and bulbous balloon tires, this amphibious bike can float across rivers just as easily as it can ride it downhill.

Sadly though, you cannot use it on public roads. But who cares, this thing is made to go off the roads. Literally anywhere on the face of the planet. Ready a cheque for $1700 and the Taurus can be yours.

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