• Satelis 125 to beat the Congestion Charge

    2007 Peugeot Satelis
  • 2007 Peugeot Satelis
  • 2007 Peugeot Satelis

The new Satelis 125 Compressor is a congestion-busting vehicle in every sense. It is exempt from the London Congestion Charge and will keep ahead of the traffic in any city with ease thanks to its super charged engine. Yet it is legal for leaner riders aged 17 and over because a 125cc engine powers it. The key to its performance is a compressor and the Satelis is the first Maxi scooter to be equipped with one.

Peugeot’s designers recognised that speed is nothing without control. The high tensile steel dual cradle chassis and beefy 37mm front forks give stability and precise handling, even when the potent 260mm front disc brake is applied. The modern 4-stroke liquid cooled motor develops the maximum permitted power for a 125cc learner machine (15bhp), however the manner in which it is delivered is unique as it is fitted with a SUPERCHARGER and INTERCOOLER, providing a spectacular increase in power and torque (11·8lb ft at 6,500rpm). Imagine a 125cc scooter with the get-up-and-go of a 250 and you’ll get some idea. The supercharged engine provides strong acceleration in a predictable and progressive manner via the automatic transmission. Another benefit of the compressor is that it provides immediate throttle response and cleaner pick-up compared to the normally aspirated scooter engines currently on the market.

Furthermore the shape of the Satelis is aerodynamically engineered for the best drag coefficient on the market (0.42) with consequent benefits for performance and fuel economy, because it slices through the air with less resistance. Its aspherical rear view mirrors provide the widest-angle vision (16/9) while the dual halogen headlights (as used in the Peugeot 407 car) provide 30% more light on high beam, lighting the way ahead even on the dark side of town. 

However, it is in terms of comfort and convenience that most riders will measure the benefits of Satelis ownership. 

Its low seat height (784mm) and ergonomic riding position, with plenty of legroom, ensure easy handling for a wide variety of people.

The fully equipped instrument panel with LCD display means that journey information is easily viewed and there is even a 12V power socket for mobile ‘phone, satellite navigation, etc. 

The generous seat will comfortably accommodate rider and passenger; there is a glove compartment by the dashboard capable of holding a litre size bottle of water and additional storage space beneath the seat.

The Peugeot Satelis 125 Compressor is available in metallic silver and metallic red for £3,799($7,350) on the road. Like all Peugeot scooters, the Satelis has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind and affordable insurance is available through Peugeot’s official scheme.

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