The nation lifts its old ban of women taking the road

It’s turning out to be a great year for female riders as numbers continue to grow. In the last decade or so, women riders have doubled, not only in the US but also elsewhere in the world.

Throwing gender inequalities out of the window, female riders in the middle eastern countries have also started a revolution that goes onto breaking religious and social barriers. The most recent country to officially break such taboos is Saudi Arabia.

Saudi women can now ride a motorcycle, officially
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Beginning June 2018, the ultra-conservative kingdom will lift the ban on women driving cars and trucks as well as riding motorcycles. This news comes three months after King Salman issued a decree saying women will be able to drive as a part of an ambitious reform push within the country.

The Saudi General Directorate of Traffic officially gave a statement to lift the ban and will also appoint special centers run by women to deal with traffic violations committed by female drivers.

That said, there won’t be any discrimination between men and women on traffic laws and regulations. There will also be no special license plates for vehicles used/driven by women.

Saudi women can now ride a motorcycle, officially
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Giving "equal" laws for both men and women, the country is looking at oppressing the ’conservative’ tag and has slowly lifting bans that otherwise made Saudi Arabia a symbol of repression in the Gulf kingdom.

Recently, a ban on cinemas was lifted allowing people to watch movies, legally. Also, women can now be allowed into three sports stadiums and maybe even allowed to play them in the future.

Saudi women can now ride a motorcycle, officially
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