SC-Project has just released their new line of silencers for the 2008 Yamaha T-Max model. Collecting burned gasses from two cylinders and taking them through a single carbon fiber silencer is now done in the most effective and elegant way. They so fit perfectly with the slender sporty look of the Yamaha scooter and also provide it with the extra sportsmanship which is always adequate in the case of such two-wheeled machineries.

Also available is the stainless steel made AISI 304 which, like the carbon fiber offering, reduces diameter at a ration of 2-1 and still provides a stronger pull just above idle.

The new exhausts come with a weight reduction of more than 70% compared to the factory version and all models are equipped with special attack for Lambda probe.

Available in coated steel, stainless black iridescent satin, carbon or titanium choice, the silencers are fitted with a db killer for road legality.

Buyers can also go for the double catalytic pull version which meets Euro3 regulations. Also available for the T-Max of previous years, these exhaust systems are always good for that extra power or extra attention caught with the racing sound.

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