We are witnessing what seems to be an overall improvement in the racing performance of the recently-entered motorcycle pilot and this can only be a good thing, but not necesarily with good results.

As Michael Schumacher seems not to be afraid of anything, his confidence increases and meets the bad side of racing on two wheels instead of four. During the second run of the German Superbike Championship, the famous racer was the protagonist of a slip that fortunately didn’t had any consequences and allowed him to finish the race.

On the track of Nurburgring Schumi slipped in the 11th lap when he situated on the seventeenth position. Even though it suffered no injuries and the bike wasn’t heavily damaged, the former Formula 1 champion confesses:

“It’s been a shame because I was enjoying. I braked too early with the front and I ended the steering. Race one had gone very well and finished on the 22th position.”

And this is how the former Ferrari rider checks its second fall. The first had taken place on the same bike, a Honda CBR1000RR, on the track of Oschersleben.

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