• Secondary school students create safety training tool

    From left to right: Linda Kemp, Phillip Georgiadis, Zaid Sako, Mark Collins, Rod Winning and Graeme Furmston

The applause-worthy teenagers with diplomas in their hands are Zaid Sako and Phillip Georgiadis, who just took part at the official launch of their DVD.

Students at Hume Central School (Zaid) and Sunbury Secondary College (Phillip), the two worked closely together with Career Connections – Kangan Batman TAFE, Honda Australia (HART) and Red Cross Australia to create a training DVD. Subject of choice: safety on all kinds of two-wheeled machines.

The project was launched today at Kangan Batman TAFE’s Broadmeadows campus and the audience witnessed the first official screening of the Removing a Helmet from an Injured Motorcycle Rider DVD. All kinds of motorcycle helmets are contained.

Wrote, produced and edited by the secondary school students, the DVD is already the base for the HART training aid course and Red Cross targets motorcycle riding communities on which to prove the efficiency of it.

Team leader at Career Connections – Kangan Batman TAFE, Frank Hardy talks about the collaborative effort between community, industry and education:

“Many individuals, businesses and schools have combined efforts to produce this project, and the result is a valuable educational tool,”

He also ads:

“The DVD features footage of both road and off-road riders to remind us that safety is important wherever people ride. Additional segments focus on providing instruction on the correct way to remove various helmet types, something many riders would not be aware of.”

The previous saying is completed by Virginia Leafe, the General Manager of First Aid, Health & Safety, Red Cross: “Removing helmets in an accident situation is one of the many first aid skills the public should know.”

Also, the National manager of Honda Australia Rider Training, Mark Collins, addressed to the audience to present facts as well as to commend the two students, all from a personal view:

“I wish this sort of training resource had been around 20 years ago when I started riding,” he said.

“So many riders just don’t know about first aid issues specific to motorcyclists. We train more than 7,000 riders each year at HART, and this DVD is definitely a valuable resource for each and every one of them. "

“The boys have done a great job with the development and production of this project.”

Given to the positive reactions, Zaid and Phillip are undertaking Certificate II in Information Technology Multimedia in VET (Vocational Education and Training) and can look forward to a bright future in this domain.

To purchase the first aid kit or to join the first aid course, contact the Red Cross on 1300 367 428 or go to www.redcross.org.au/firstaid.

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