• Segway Ninebot unveiled three new electric mobility products

Including a concept sportsbike and a production ready scooter

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Self-Balancing personal transport solution specialists Segway was picked up by the Chinese electric mobility house Ninebot recently. At the 2020 CES show in Las Vegas, they plan to pull the wraps off three future products, including a concept sportsbike and a production-ready scooter. At the moment, however, the company has revealed the first looks of these products, and honestly, have peaked a few eyeballs.

Segway Apex

Segway Ninebot unveiled three new electric mobility products
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The first is an electric sportsbike concept christened as the “Segway Apex.” Although it carries a fully faired superbike, the company calls it a “super scooter.” It carries an impressive spec sheet with a top speed claimed at 125 mph and enough torque to pull a 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. The pre-production concept also seems to carry impressive chassis equipment including USD forks, radially mounted calipers clutching twin discs, clip-on handlebars, an aluminum swingarm, Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires and more.

Apparently, Segway has also filed a trademark application in Europe for “Segway E-Sportbike.” This clearly demonstrated the brand’s capabilities and intentions to go full throttle in this new game ruled by players like Lightning or Energica.

Ninebot eScooter

Segway Ninebot unveiled three new electric mobility products
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Coming under the tagline that reads “Really smart, better ride,” this production-ready urban mobility device comes with an impressive 125-mile range and a top speed of 62 mph for the top-spec E200P. A 0-25 mph in 3 seconds is achieved by a 10kW motor powered by a 74V dual battery setup pumping out 221 lb-ft of peak torque.

A smartphone compatible system lets the rider to lock and unlock the scooter through a dedicated app that conveniently negates the necessity of carrying around a key or a fob. The scooter comes with an Over The Air (OTA) facility that allows the makers to upgrade the systems on the go to provide the best riding experiences at all times.

Segway Ninebot unveiled three new electric mobility products
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The scooter’s calm and elegant lines and curves are designed by the same chaps who help with designing Boeing aircrafts. Matrix LED headlights and taillights come with intelligent light sensing technology, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the light with the ambient brightness. That’s smart. A Colorful Smart Interactive Dashboard has a colored light strip on the edge of the meter that will change according to the speed.

Large 220mm disc brakes with integrated ABS provides a safe braking performance, and fork suspension setup at the front handle the undulations. GPS tracking facility helps you keep track of your scooter at all times. The 22L seat bucket can fit a full-sized helmet and conceals a USB charging port. They even let you customize the scooter with more than 100,000 color combinations, body-color shells, and cushions.

Ninebot eMoped

Segway Ninebot unveiled three new electric mobility products
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The eMoped is an even more compact rendition from Ninebot featuring 100,000 chic color appearances made of environmentally friendly PP material, without spraying. The makers made sure that it is easy for riders to even transport it in an elevator up to their apartments.

Powering this will be a 48V brushless motor with a rated capacity of 400w and maximum torque of 40 lb-ft, enabling it to achieve a top speed of 16 mph and 53 miles of range in its top-spec. A smartphone Bluetooth allows the rider to lock and unlock the eMoped, and a 2-button operation makes life easier operating the “halo” status light and the simple digital instrument.

Segway Ninebot unveiled three new electric mobility products
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