About a decade ago, modular helmets came on the scene. They offered the benefits of making it easier for those who wear eyeglasses to put the helmet on, and to raise the front part of the helmet to get a little air at stop lights or gas stops and talk to your riding buddies.

The drawback was that the helmets were not designed to be ridden with the chinbar up. They rested on top of the helmet, and created so much aerodynamic drag that it would try to yank the helmet off your head at speeds above 25 miles per hour.

Then in 2009 Shark Helmets came out with a game changing helmet - the Evoline. When I say “game changing”, think about the first laptop computer, or the first tablet device, iPod, iPhone, or even the first package of sliced bread. The Evoline was the first modular helmet – and still the only one I’ve ever seen – that is designed to swing the chinbar assembly all the way back to rest behind the back of the helmet. That puts it out of the wind blast so the helmet is aerodynamic enough to ride at speed in total comfort. And the rider can still lower the face shield and the tinted “jet fighter” sun shade independently.

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The Evoline immediately became my first choice in helmets because it was so versatile and perfect for cold weather, warm weather, dusty conditions, and even for track days. It is both DOT and ECE certified, and in both the open and closed positions.

In 2011, the Evoline Series 2 came out, with some minor improvements, and one major one; it was designed to accommodate the Shark Tooth Bluetooth system for integrating music, cell phone, GPS commands, rider to passenger intercom, and even a limited range of bike to bike communications.

This year, the Evoline Series 3 arrives with some significant changes. The injected thermoplastic resin exterior shell has been reshaped to make it even more aerodynamic, and quieter. The mechanism now allows for the chinbar to be flipped back even with the face shield in the lowered position, and it hugs the back of the helmet even closer. The chin vent now allows more air into the helmet, and combined with the top vent, and cut-out channels in the top of the EPS layer, the Evoline circulates a lot of air into the helmet even, while in full face mode, to keep the rider’s head cooler.

The new, softer, removable and washable microfiber comfort liner and cheek pads make everything feel smooth against your skin, and are treated with anti microbial coatings to help keep the helmet fresh. A thick neck roll keeps the wind out and is comfortable for all day riding. Shark also shaved 7-ounces off the weight, making the Evoline 3 weigh just a bit over 4 pounds, which is very light for a modular helmet.

This helmet uses a soft comfortable padded D-ring closure mechanism, with a micro lock to keep excess material from flapping in the wind. The face shield is optically pure, and is anti scratch coated on the outside, and anti fog treated on the inside. It also offers a wide field of vision, and it is easily removed in seconds with no tools required. The scratch resistant “fighter jet” sun shield lowers to any desired position and is perfect for those early mornings and late afternoons when the sun is low in the sky and can be blinding to the rider. The EPS liner has cut-outs in the back of the helmet to tuck the Shark Tooth communication system into, and also has ear pockets to place any kind of helmet speakers. And the helmet also comes with a soft liner that covers the speakers, so nothing hard touches your ears.

This is without a doubt the best modular helmet I’ve ever seen or used. It is so versatile that it is truly the only helmet any rider will need to ride in all weather conditions.

Solid colors are priced at $429.95 and $449.95 with graphics. While that isn’t inexpensive, considering everything it does, there is a lot of value in the Evoline 3. Trust me, you will be delighted with this purchase.

For more information, and how to buy one, E-mail info@direct2mfg.com

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